Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The Expert Opinion process takes an average of 7 days after we receive your medical records:

  1. Tell us about your medical condition

  2. We'll collect your medical records

  3. An oncologist will review your medical information

  4. We'll send you the Expert Opinion

How does SmartBridge Health select a cancer doctor for me?

We handpick an oncologist for you based on your medical information.  Our oncologists are experts and include department chairs of leading medical institutions. 

Do I need SmartBridge Health?

  • Do you want a second opinion on a diagnosis or treatment plan? We can get you a remote expert opinion from a world-class oncologist.

  • Are you or a loved one already in the hospital or facing a critical health decision that needs immediate attention? Connect with SmartBridge for a phone consultation right away.

Why should I get an online second opinion?

An expert opinion allows you to access the expertise and clinical guidance of our world-class oncologists remotely from your home.  Over half of patients who get second opinions end up changing their treatment plans.  

What will my treating oncologist think about SmartBridge Health reviewing his/her diagnosis?

Getting another oncologist to look at your case is a reasonable and responsible thing to do.  Additionally, SmartBridge Health helps bridge communication between you and your treating oncologist in a number of ways, provided that you have given us permission to do so.  SmartBridge will send a summary explanation of our services and, upon request, provide updates to your treating oncologist on the progress of the case.  

Will I have to deal with my medical records?

SmartBridge Health handles collection and digitization of medical records on your behalf.  What’s more, we’ll keep your digitized records secure and available for your future access.  This is a powerful advantage – most people don’t have their medical records handy when they need them most.

I’m located outside of the U.S., can SmartBridge help me?

Yes.  SmartBridge Health is currently available in over 150 countries.  We cover all time zones and are fluent in all the major languages.  The process for collecting medical records is the only step that is different for patients outside of the U.S.

Is this service compliant with government privacy and information security regulations like HIPAA?

Yes, we meet requirements for protecting personal health information (PHI) of patients under the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).  We do this using technology and smart business practices.  The technology we employ encrypts and stores all PHI securely while still allowing for the oncologist to access critical information easily and quickly.  Our business practice is to only collect the information we need at the time we need it.